No More Cuts to Athletics at ECSD

With teachers being laid off, the ECSD Board decides more cuts to athletics is not the answer.

No More Cuts to ECSD Sports

ELMIRA (WENY) -- The Elmira City School District Board of Education will not cut the district's athletics program any further to save teacher positions and programs being cut in next year's budget.

The athletics presentation by Superintendent Joe Hochreiter Wednesday night was short, with no discussion from Board members.

In April, board members asked Hochreiter to present them with scenarios to cut athletics and use that money to bring back some of the teachers who are in line to lose their jobs.

Wednesday night, Hochreiter said 1,500 students participate in athletics and the board seemed satisfied with that amount.

Since last year, athletics have sustained the merging of the high school sports teams and more than $400,000 in cuts.

"There will still be athletics. Will it be every program from two years ago? Probably not, but there will be the opportunity for participation," says Hochreiter.

Hochreiter says 15 teaching positions will be saved if the public approves the 5% property tax levy increase.

In April, the Board of Education voted to surpass the 2% property tax cap to reduce the amount of lay offs, which as of late April, stood at 126 positions.

The tax increase requires the approval of 60 percent of the May 15th public vote.