Tech Connection: 4G LTE Comes to Elmira

In this week’s Tech Connection, J.B. Biunno lists the eight new locations in the Southern Tier with Verizon’s high-speed 4G LTE wireless service.

Tech Connection: 4G LTE Comes to Elmira

*Note correction to video: Verizon 4G data plans are "tiered" not "capped."

TWIN TIERS (WENY) -- 4G LTE is no longer exclusive to Corning, Ithaca and Watkins Glen International Racetrack.

Verizon is aiming to keep their promise of covering their extensively large 3G network with 4G coverage by the end of next year.

Last week, Verizon launched 4G cell sites in Elmira, Horseheads, Big Flats, Hornell, Waverly, Bath, Ashland, and Presho.

Verizon representatives say they're not making any official announcements because they're gradually launching more sites in the region. 

If you already have a Verizon 4G phone, you're good to go.

Now to put LTE speed in perspective, in a February edition of Tech Connection, we took you to Market Street in Corning, where the average 4G download speed was 18 megabits per second -- that's 10 times faster than 3G and faster than a lot of home internet connections.

Before you rush to your nearest store and upgrade to a 4G phone, some words of warning. If you're have an unlimited 3G data plan, you will lose the unlimited data if you upgrade to 4G. You'll have to get a tiered plan, which could be a deal breaker for people who use a lot of data. 

But if you do make the switch, you'll be on the fast wireless network in the country.