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Concessions Could Save ECSD Jobs

ECSD Superintendent Joe Hochreiter says the only way to save teaching positions in the district is with concessions from the Elmira Teacher’s Association.

ECSD Concession Requests

ELMIRA (WENY) – Facing 111/5 teacher layoffs in next year's school budget, Elmira Superintendent Joe Hochreiter says teacher concessions are the district's last remaining hope to saving jobs.

The districts other two unions -- the administrators group and the cafeteria maintenance group -- have already agreed to concessions. But the Elmira Teacher's Association is holding firm.

The 2012-2013 proposed budget that included a 5 percent property tax levy increase failed to reach a 60% “super majority,” which is needed under Governer Cuomo's property tax cap. The public vote held on May 15th only reached 54.5% approval.

On June 19th, voters will head to the polls again to vote on a new budget that does not surpass the property tax cap, but will likely include more layoffs.

Hochreiter says he's willing to sign a legal agreement with the Elmira Teacher's Association, outlining the number of restored jobs that would come with the union's concessions.

"Every single dollar, penny, what have you, that a union comes forward with in terms of concessions, salary freeze, controlling fixed costs for next year, we will use that money to maintain or restore positions,” says Hochreiter.

Hochreiter hopes if teacher's concessions are made, they come before the June 19th vote, but any concessions can still be agreed upon until the start of school in September.