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Hardinge Machine Technology Show

Hardinge Group in Horseheads hosts its 2nd annual Machine Technology Show.

Hardinge Machine Technology Show

June 7, 2012


HORSEHEADS (WENY) – Hardinge Group in Horseheads showed its stuff Thursday to more than 40 business partners at its Machine Technology Show.


The second annual expo showcased the latest precision machinery in the manufacturing industry.


The day was filled with tool demonstrations and seminars.


Parts designed and made at the company's headquarters in Horseheads are used to manufacture a lot of everyday products, like car parts, sneakers, and the tops of perfume bottles.


Company leaders say last year's show did wonders and this year, they're focused on the future.


"This year was about showing how we're moving forward. How we're reinvesting in the company. We're growing the company. We're doing things in the company to make it go forward," says CEO, Chairman and President Rick Simons.


Look for more on Hardinge in a future Tech Connection with J.B. Biunno.