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7 Illegal Immigrants Arrested

7 Illegal Immigrants Arrested


HORSEHEADS (WENY) -- The Chemung County Sheriff’s Office has arrested 7 illegal immigrants following a traffic stop in the Village of Horseheads.

On Monday afternoon, Deputy Sheriff Jeremy Rucker discovered a vehicle with a expired New Jersey license plate. During a traffic stop, Rucker learned that the vehicle, a gray Ford van, contained the following illegal aliens:

Juan Carlos Piedra Navarro, dob 08/30/80

Luis Maldonado, dob 12/12/62

Joac Soares Ferrerira Filho, dob 02/05/80

Miguel Angel, dob 04/01/83

Marco Antonio, dob 12/13/70

Carlos M. Lopez-Nolazco, dob 03/04/79

Orlei De Oliveira Franco, dob 07/10/71

The above-named subjects were then transported by Deputy Sheriffs to the Chemung County Sheriff’s Office, at which time contact was made with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who later responded and took custody of all seven subjects.