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Pennsylvania State Budget Passes

PA Budget Passes

HARRISBURG, PA (WENY)---It took late-night votes, bickering and 11th hour negotiations but Pennsylvania lawmakers beat the deadline for a new state budget this weekend. There are no new taxes but spending did increase.

It was chaos in Harrisburg as lawmakers made deals to meet the Sunday deadline of passing a new budget for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Several senators were nearly hollering at each other over an obscure natural gas basin underneath Southeast Pennsylvania. Despite all this, the deadline was met with just 15 minutes to spare.

Pennsylvania's new budget comes in at a whopping $27.7 billion.

Here's what's in it---There are no new taxes; spending will increase by about 1.5-percent, largely for debt, pensions and health care for the poor. Millions in cuts are slashed from services for the poor, homeless, troubled and disabled. Business taxes are also cut.

Republican Governor Corbett says the new budget will create jobs and control the cost and size of the government which he thinks has gotten too big.