23rd Congressional Race Heats Up

Shinagawa/Reed E-Mail

ELMIRA, NY (WENY)---With just five weeks until the November election, the political back and forth is heating up---now, through e-mail.

Nate Shinagawa and incumbent Tom Reed will face off on November 6th to see who will represent New York's 23rd congressional district.

In an e-mail, Shinagawa attacked Reed's record, saying none of the bills the Republican has sponsored have passed the Republican controlled House of Representatives. Not so fast, says the Reed camp, responding via e-mail.

Shinagawa says, "Congressman Tom Reed has spent two years in Congress, sponsored over fifty pieces of legislation, and none of the bills he has sponsored have become public law, let alone passed the House even when his own party is in power."

Reed's people pointed out that 13 of the bills Reed introduced passed the House of Representatives.

According to fact checking by WENY-TV News through http://www.thomas.gov/, a search engine for The Library of Congress, at least 10 bills Reed sponsored have passed the House of Representatives.

That statement by Shinagawa is half true. While, none of the bills Reed has introduced have become law, at least 10 pieces of legislation have passed the House of Representatives.