PSP Investigating Wysox Abduction Attempt

Written By: Renata Stiehl
     WYSOX (WENY) -- Pennsylvania state police in Towanda are investigating an attempted abduction of a teenage girl in Wysox on Monday.
     Police say the 16 year old was walking along Route 6 around 5 Monday afternoon, when a man approached her in a small  silver car, asked if she needed a ride, and to tell him her name. The girl said no, that she didn't know him; the man in the car replied, "Maybe you should get to know me." The man then reportedly grabbed her shirt sleeve, but the girl was able to pull away and run.
     Police describe the driver as a fair-skinned hispanic male, approximately 50 years old, wearing glasses and several rings on his hand.
     Anyone with information is asked to call PSP in Towand at 570-265-2186.