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Air Conditioners Flying Off Shelves

Air Conditioners in High Demand

HORSEHEADS (WENY) --  These stretches of warmer temperatures have some stores running out of stock on popular summer items.  We called several local stores, and workers say air conditioners have been a top seller this summer, mainly because of the hot weather.

There's been record breaking temperatures across the country, especially in the eastern and mid-Atlantic region.  And Friday was the fourth consecutive 90 degree day locally.

At the Horseheads Do It Center, workers say fans and screens are popular items.  But air conditioners have definitely been top sellers, and they're hard to keep in stock.

"A lot of air conditioners are going out real fast, we can't really keep them in stock right now," says nighttime manager, Max Bernhard. "They're going out faster than we can keep up. We get a couple every couple days and they're gone by the time our next truck shows up."

Even though summer shows no signs of slowing down right now, workers say fall supplies will be on shelves in about a month.