Analyzing Mitt Romney’s Speech

WENY TV Political Analyst on Romney
Elmira (WENY) -- Mitt Romney will deliver his acceptance speech tonight at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, and we asked our political analyst what to expect, and what the candidate hopes to accomplish.

Elmira College Political Science Professor Dr. Jim Twombly says that if Romney's goal tonight is to sway undecided voters, he needs to move further away from the right wing base of the Republican Party.

Twombly also says Romney will have to continue to make himself "more human" by reaching out to connect with the middle class and independent voters.

"He's going to have to demonstrate a willingness to compromise, a willingness to get things done even if it's not necessarily the more ideologically appropriate position for some of the hard core in the party," said Twombly.

Political attention will switch to the Democrats on Tuesday for their convention in North Carolina.