Alternative School for Math & Science Expands

Alternative School Expansion

CORNING (WENY)-- Corning's Alternative School for Math and Science showed off its 35,000 square foot addition today.

The school added fully-equipped science, art and music classrooms; a state-of-the-art cafeteria, gym, and outdoor sports center.

The expansion increases the school's capacity by 50 percent to about 135 students.

Administrative Head of School, Kim Frock, says, "This lets kids be totally engaged in their learning process to move and to think and be curious and creative and to be really learn the skills they are going to need to be successful adults in the worlds they are going to inherit."

The school's Academic Head of School, Linda Cole, says "All kids in all schools bring their own gifts and talents and what we really try and do is make sure that our kids have the best experience here that they can possibly have."

The project took 14 months to complete and is fully funded by Corning Incorporated.

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