Avoca Manhunt Suspect Caught

Manhunt Suspect Caught

Avoca (WENY) -- The Avoca manhunt is over -- state police found the suspect on the run, and a lot of neighbors are relieved.

Nineteen-year-old Tyler Davis -- accused of stealing a car and helping another person steal guns -- is in police custody one day after Avoca schools were in lockdown. After a day of searching, police said they found Davis earlier today near County Route 7 and West Creek Road in Avoca. He is charged with possession of stolen property and marijuana.

"Yesterday, I was actually a little freaked out because we live in this little tiny town, it's in the middle of nowhere, and you don't expect to hear that the school's in lockdown when you got kids there," said Avoca resident Anthony Ferrara.

Like a lot of people in this small town, Ferrara was worried when he first heard about a possibly armed suspect on the run. But police said Davis did not have a gun when they found him walking on the side of the road in Avoca earlier today. This brought some relief to residents.

"I'm glad they arrested him," said Ferrara. "I'm hearing there may actually be more to the story, I don't want to hang the guy beforehand that there might actually be a second guy, but he still did wrong, and he still scared probably 500 kids."

"I'm glad that it's over," said neighbor Arthur Blanchard.  "At least a lot of people who didn't sleep last night can sleep good tonight."

Others weren't phased by the whole situation.

"I really wasn't that concerned," said Halen Allison. "I figured that downtown was probably the last place he was going to be after the police were chasing him, so I really wasn't that concerned."

Avoca schools were on lockdown for two hours yesterday and kept the doors locked today -- not allowing kids outside for recess or gym -- until police caught Davis.

"I feel the administration at the school did exactly what was right, and I thought the state police were very much in control of this," said Avoca resident Gretchen Hubbard. "I'm very happy they figured it out before it was too late."

Investigators said after Davis is arraigned in the Town of Avoca Court, he will be turned over to Police in Macedon, Wayne County, where he's accused of stealing a car.