Back Open For Business

Christmas House Reopens After Tornado

ELMIRA (WENY)---Local businesses shut down by last week's tornadoes are now open. A lot of owners say they're happy to be back in business, but the storm left some scars behind.

There are fewer trees to trim at Chamberlain Acres these days. Charles Todd was planning on trimming this pine tree for his new green house, but the tornado reduced it to a stub, so today, there's nothing left to trim.

He recalls the scene, saying, "It looked like a bomb had gone off, and everything was in every direction, it wasn't a case where everything layed down in one flat line, everything was just everywhere."

A lot of trees are gone, but the path of the storm missed his merchandise, leaving it untouched, so the nursery is open for business. You wouldn't know it driving by Chamberlain Acres.

"A lot of people driving by have seen the huge piles of debris out front from the trees and don't realize it really doesn't look like that outback now," said Todd.

And Down the road... the Christmas House looked like this a week ago... the devastation forcing the store to close. But, today the phone is ringing once again.

The Christmas House Owner, Julie Delgrosso says, "The clean up part is done and the change in the look of the house is tremendous and we appreciate everyone that helped us with that but we do have some structural damage to the house."

A giant tree caved in the porch roof, collapsed the third floor ceiling, and damaged the rubber roof beyond repair. But, Julie's ready to move forward.

"In fact saturday we are having a party on the porch, so, life goes on and we are ready to celebrate it."

The event is called, 'Girls Just Wanna Fun'. It starts at 10 Saturday morning on the Christmas house porch. The event kicks off with gourmet food and dip sample tastings until 3:30 in the afternoon. There are also Grand Prize drawings, wine slushies and wine tastings and recipe ideas and sales!

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