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Biking Across America for Cancer

Biking Against Cancer

May 31, 2012

           ITHACA (WENY) --  Nearly 90 bicyclists are headed from Baltimore to three different west coast destinations over the next 65 days.  30 of them from 'Team Seattle' came through the Fingelakes region on Thursday.

           They started in Mansfield and are staying in Ithaca for the next day.  The goal of the trip is to raise awareness and money for young cancer patients for the Ulman Cancer Fund for young adults.

           Each rider has been affected by cancer in some way, and say the long road ahead is worth every mile.

           "Almost everyone you meet on the street has been affected by cancer, it's just a rampant disease that you can't control," says Isphrett Singh, who lost his mother to cancer.  "And that's partly what brought us all together."

          "It's relevant to the younger community as well as older," says Teresa Morehouse, Associate Executive Director at the Ithaca YMCA where the bikers are staying Friday and Saturday. "We always think it's the older generation that gets cancer but not so much anymore."

          To get more information, visit http://www.4kforcancer.org/ .