Wellsboro Boil Advisory: Day 5

Wellsboro residents are dealing with the fith day of a boil water advisory.

5 Day Boil Advisory

June 8, 2012

Wellsboro (WENY) - It's day five of a bourough-wide boil water advisory in Wellsboro. The warning came Monday after sand filters clogged, creating a high chance of bacteria in the water system. It's more than just an inconvenience, the boil water advisory is a hassle for people living there, but for business owners, it's money lost.

It's become something of a routine, anytime there’s a boil advisory in Wellsboro, people know exactly what to do.

“Coffee pots are shut down, fountain machines are shut down, ice machines are shut down, we literally start boiling water, pots of water on the stove from about 6 am to about 6 pm.”

Sue Cummings restaurant, The Native Bagel, needs a lot of water to get through the day, and a boil water advisory is a big hassle.

“You put a price on your goods to make a little money but then when you have to add the extra person the extra gas the extra electric. The Styrofoam instead of glass yeah, your going to lose a little money on that.”

Borough Manager Daniel Strausser just wants to make sure the water is safe now, and then look into stopping it from happening again.

“There's been many boil advisories over the years and hopefully we will find the cause of whats causing it.”

If water Tests on Sunday and Monday come out clean, the boil advisory will be lifted and for Sue and her business it couldn't come sooner.

“State Laurel Festival is next week so we get a lot of tourists in town but just being able to get back to normal will be nice.”

For now anyone in Wellsboro is reminded to bring all water to a boil for at least a full minute before drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes or preparing food.