Fire Destroys House and Three Cars

Bradford Fire

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, PA (WENY)---Fire tore through a Bradford County house this morning, destroying everything in its path, including three cars.

Fortunately no-one was home. And neighbors say that's a good thing, because the flames were ferocioius.

Chelsa Lee has the daunting task of telling her friends their house burned to the ground this morning.

She said, "They are going to be devastated. Very devastating, I mean I would be devastated. Look at the place. They're like, can you go to my house, is my house on fire, did it burn? You know, I'm like a close friend, great people, young kids, in their twenties."

This house on Little York Road and Big Pond in Springfield Township went up in flames, just before 1:30 this morning.

Bill Camp called in the fire. "I looked up there and I saw the whole back end like the garage-part area was all on fire, up the bedroom, so I just reached over and grabbed the phone and I called 911."

State Police tell us it took about two hours to get the blaze under control. In those two hours, three cars are gone and the house is ruled uninhabitable. Neighbor, Bill Camp, was in awe when he saw the flames.

He said, "They were way up there, they were probably 30 to 40 feet in the air, it was really bad, by the time it started into the house , that's when the fire company got here. Flames were really bad, I just couldn't believe it."

Neighbors tell us the people who live in the house, a couple and child, have been on vacation out West for three weeks now. They planned to come home, pack up their belongings and move to Pittsburgh. But now, it seems there's nothing left to move.