Ithaca Business Vs. Bridge

Business Vs. Bridge

June 13, 2012

Ithaca (WENY) - A world famous recording studio in Ithaca could be forced to move, or shut down, because of construction. Local musicians were out in front of city hall to protest, hoping the city will step up to help. Construction is under way for a new bridge in Ithaca, but the digging is creating a serious problem for the business next door. Pyramid Sound, a recording studio, has been in Ithaca for almost 40 years. Several world famous musicians have recorded their, but construction could make the building unsafe. Alex Perialas says moving isn't a option. He hopes he can work something out with the city and keep his business where it is.

“These rooms are dwindling in America you don't see them anymore many of them have changed hands five, ten and twelve times and this one has been owned by the same family since the beginning.”

Pyramid Sounds, A multi-million dollar recording studio, has seen artists like Metallica and Missy Elliot. Nearby pile-driving could make the building structurally unsound. Amy Puryear is a local musician and help organize today’s protest.

“Alex has been the rock and right, now his rock is being threatened to crumble and we're going to have to stand here with him to support him through this.”

Today local musicians protested outside Ithaca City Hall, hoping the city will slow construction in order to work out a deal that would benefit both the city and the owner Alex Perialas.

“I know people would get together to raise the money even if the city wasn’t willing to raise the money but we need some time and support from the city,” says Puryear.

Alex is doing his best to stay optimistic.

“This place will survive that’s for sure. This is a legacy space a lot of amazing music has been made in these walls inside this building,” says Alex.

Ithaca mayor Savante Myrick has been in talks with pyramid sounds to try to work out a deal to compensate Alex, but there are some thing money can't buy.