Attempted Kidnapping In Canisteo

Attempted Kidnapping In Canisteo

CANISTEO, NY (WENY)---Neighbors in Canisteo are on edge, as police update their investigation into an attempted child abduction over the weekend. Bath State Police tell us an unlocked door led to someone nearly losing their child.

"We believe at this point that it is a random act. We don't have any other cases or incidents in that community at this point," says Captain Rick Allen of the New York State Police. "This is a singular incident at this point," he adds.

Isolated incident or not, Canisteo residents on East Main Street are worried about their kids safety after a man broke into a home and grabbed a sleeping child out of her bed around 3:30 Sunday morning.

The man carried her downstairs but left without taking the girl. No one seems to know why. Police say the man got into the house through an unlocked door.

"It's just a good reminder that no matter where you live that you can't be too careful and you can't be too vigilant," says East Main Street resident Maria Strinni Gil.

Maria is using this incident as an opportunity to teach her kids how to stay safe.

"There's obviously always somebody out there looking to do bad things that you've got to be on the lookout for," adds Strinni Gil.

Police say they have some physical evidence, they won't say what.

they're still looking for any information they can get.

Anyone who thinks they may know something can call Bath State Police at 607-776-6866.