Chemung County Needs Mandate Relief

County Executive Tom Santulli needs the community’s help with mandate relief.

Chemung County Rallies for Mandate Relief

June 7, 2012

Elmira (WENY) -The Chemung County executive is screaming mad about mandate relief. He wants state lawmakers to forget about the summer break, and keep working on it. Tom Santulli and Chemung County legislators want help getting the word out to Albany. Each county legislator will be going out in their district asking neighbors to sign a petition. It demands the state government fulfill its promise to relieve counties and local communities of unfunded mandates. Right now Chemung County spends more than 75 percent of its taxes on one of those mandates: Medicaid. This push is part of the New York State Association of Counties "Help Enact Mandate Relief Today" initiative.  Santulli says he's sick of politicians making promises they don't keep.

“We're asking the New York state legislature to do something different this year, before they convene, do something that affords the tax payer some relief; stop talking about it,” says Santulli.

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