Cleaning Up Tornado Damage

Neighbors Are Already Cleaning Up The Tornado Damage

Southside Damage

ELMIRA, NY (WENY)---Neighbors started picking up the pieces the minute the storms cleared the area. Power lines and trees are still down as of early Friday morning. Neighbors say they're all in the same boat and that's why they're coming together.

"It was shocking," says Micah Brown, who lives on West First Street in Elmira. "I was scared," he adds.

A scary sight in Elmira as neighbors get their first look at the storm damage. Some say they can't believe their eyes.

"It's a lot of devastation around here. Brandt park is destroyed. Christmas tree house, damaged. My daughter has a big tree in her yard---totally demolished," says Rena Daildine of Elmira.

"There's a lot of tree damage. A lot of trees down. I guess this was the site of the tornado right through here from my understanding, I could be wrong but I'm just trying to smile and get through it," says Candy Stephenson.

A lot of the damage seems to have come through the city's southside. Owners of The Christmas House, a gift shop on the city's southside, say the third floor ceiling came crashing down but they're already picking up the pieces.

"The whole neighborhood (is cleaning up). I mean we helped them first and then we're going to that house next. It's the good thing about living in a neighborhood, people help each other out," says Julie Delgrosso, owner of The Christmas House.

While neighbors may want to get this mess cleaned up as soon as possible, city officials urge you to take it easy and keep the curfew in mind.

The National Weather service will send a storm team to Elmira Friday morning to survey the damage.