Communities Rally Together After Tornado

Community Rallies Together
Elmira (WENY) -- "There's a reason why we're here, and I don't think that we're here to enjoy our lives," said Lesley Hamilton of Elmira. "I think we're here to help each other -- that's what it's all about."

That's exactly what happened last week after the tornado ripped through Elmira. People at the Heritage Park Apartment complex rallied together with the leadership of Lesley Hamilton. The Maintenance Supervisor of 30 years bought a generator to help residents who lost power. He wheeled the 300 pound machine door to door to save people's food and refrigerated medicines.

"He's always there thinking what he can do to make things better," said Teresa Hamilton.

Lesley also cooked breakfast for people and cleaned up fallen branches, but he didn't do it all alone -- neighbors came out to work together.

"I did a little dinner cookout thing here and he did a breakfast thing Sunday morning," said neighbor Jason Brown. "Didn't ask for any money from anyone. We supplied all the supplies ourselves, and we pulled through, we got through it."

One neighbor even brought his own TV onto the lawn with the generator so people still without power could get together.

"That's excellent that everybody pulled together the way they did and helped their neighbors out," said neighbor Robert Royce.

"In a situation like that I just feel like in any community, everyone should stick together, white, black, you know, it doesn't matter," added Brown.