Consumer Confidence Down In June

Consumer Confidence in Decline

Horseheads (WENY) -- A new survey says that New York consumers are less willing to spend money. Consumer confidence fell in both state and the nation in June according to a Siena College Research Institute Poll released earlier today.

The state's confidence rating fell 2.1 points last month to 74.5, above the nation's confidence level at 73.2. The survey measured people's willingness to spend and not their ability.

"Well, things are going up, wages are staying the same," said Cheryl Clearke, a local consumer. "People just don't have any money, including me."

"With me and the wife, we usually go out and do dinner and I mean we buy the usuals - clothes and food and stuff like that, but we don't overspend either," said John Piquette.

"I feel like the economy won't get any better unless we actually do spend," added Sonya Lehto. "I'm actually encouraged to spend money. I like to try to buy in local businesses, locally owned shops to help stimulate the local economy first."

The report also reveals that consumers are feeling better about gas prices. The percentage of consumers feeling jibbed at the pump is the lowest it's been in a year and a half.