Ithaca Cop Shot Reaction

West Hill Place Residents React To Cop Shooting

Ithaca Neighbors React

(WENY) ITHACA---  It was a scary scene at West Hill Place in Ithaca this morning, when an accused car thief allegedly shot Officer Anthony Augustine during a foot chase.  One resident described how she woke up "I heard a POP. Everything was quiet then POP.  I rolled over, tried to go to sleep; couldn't. Got up and everything is lit up like a Christmas tree".

Officer Augustine was shot just feet away from the front door of some first floor residents.  Several of those apartments have families with small children. 

Susan Brown says "my feeling was thank God my son was in a better place in a better setting because I wouldn't want him traumatized for the rest of his life seeing what had to go down"  Another resident said "she got up and seen the fire trucks and cops. She asked what was going on and I explained the best I could to a 5 year old".

West Hill Place is a crime hot spot in what is typically considered a safe city but neighbors are shocked at seeing something like this serious in their own front yard.  Brown says "there have been cops called up here for petty crimes but this is by far the worst".