Cornell Ends Deal With Adidas

University Cites Labor Issues

Cornell & Adidas
ITHACA, NY (WENY)---Cornell University has severed ties with Adidas, citing labor issues. This comes after reports surfaced that the company has not fairly compensanted close to 3,000 employees after an Indonesian factory was closed back in 2011.

The factory was closed back in 2011, displacing 2,800 workers. Those workers were never given severance pay.

University President, David Skorton, sent a letter to the retail giant last week saying, "We believe that severance is a basic worker's right as are a living wage, freedom of association and safe working conditions,"

On top of ending the business contract with Adidas, Skorton announced the university will become a part of the Designated Suppliers program. That means the university will only use factories that are in compliance with university standards.

The Cornell community may not see a change on campus since Adidas products are not sold at The Cornell Store. The university's agreement with Cornell allowed the retailer to sell apparel with the Cornell logo online and in stores.