Cornell Expert Weighs In On Farm Bill

Cornell Expert on Farm Bill
Ithaca (WENY) -- Lawmakers in Congress have less than two weeks to act before the current five-year-old Farm Bill expires. A Cornell agricultural expert says it's unlikely there will be any action in the House before the deadline.

Andrew Novakovic, a professor at Cornell University's College of Agriculture, says there's a lot more in the legislation than just programs for farmers. Eighty percent of expenditures are on food assistance programs, and the bill also affects programs in conservation, forestry, trade and energy issues. Some agricultural and food policies expire October 1st, which creates uncertainty for farmers and consumers as well.

"The drought -- which New York, for the most part, hasn't experienced much of -- has had huge impacts in the United States," said Novakovic. "That's going to affect food costs for people in the United States and people across the planet."

Novakovic said the question isn't if a farm bill will pass at all -- it eventually will -- it's a question of when it will actually happen.