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C-PP Modified Sports Fight

A group of parents have been feverishly raising money to keep full modified sports programs at both Corning-Painted Post middle schools.

C-PP Modified Fight

August 2, 2012

Corning (WENY) - A group of parents have been feverishly raising money to keep full modified sports programs at both corning painted post middle schools. They needed to raise 44 thousand dollars by July 31, but they're still less than half-way there. Last night school district leaders gave the group an extension until December.

      Chris Adusay-poku will be a freshman at west high next year, and feels playing modified in middle school prepared him well.

     “There's a lot of pride because you get to wear the uniforms and get dressed up during school before sporting events so it's a lot of fun,” says Adusei-Poku.

     Budget restraints led to a decision by school district leaders to combine the modified teams from the two middle schools into one. That translates into a loss of 260 roster spots in all sports. Now a group of parents, including Jodi Kohli, are trying to get them back.

     “A lot of times we feel that we don't have control over the budget and the money and where it goes and this gives us the opportunity to help out.”

     With a month to raise $44,000, Jodi and other parents sent letters to district parents asking for donations. They were only able to raise about half by Tuesday's deadline, but their effort paid off. The school board re-instated fall and winter modified sports and extended the deadline to raise the full amount until the end of the year.

     “There are a lot of kids that really need to be part of something at that age and we though it was really important to keep opportunity open to them,” says Kohli

     “There were some kids who may not have been doing so well in school when they got on the teams and they realized they had to do well to stay on the team. They really worked hard inside school and outside school and were able to stay on the team the entire time.”

     Parents from the fundraising group are planning community events to help raise the rest of the money.