Crackdown on Motorcycle Noise

Police Will Issue Tickets to Bikers with Loud Motorcycles

Crackdown on Motorcycle Noise

May 17, 2012

         ELMIRA (WENY) --  Elmira leaders are trying to stop a noise problem in the city that only pops up during the warmer months Motorcycle noise is causing neighbors to complain, and they want the city to help.

        This time of year more motorcycles are out and loud revving of the engines is upsetting many residents.  Motorcycles are sold with legal noise limits, but owners often make modifications to make them louder.

       "Every year at this time of year, the bikes are out and the problem is magnified," says EPD Chief Mike Robertson.  "People's windows are open at home and they need to be congnisent of peoples' right to have peace and quiet in their neighborhood."

       Chief Robertson is warning motorcycle drivers if they do have a loud bike, they could be issued a ticket.