Cuomo’s ReCharge NY Program

ReCharge NY Program
Elmira Heights (WENY) -- A new statewide lower-cost power program is trying to "ReCharge New York." It's helping dozens of businesses in the Southern Tier save money and jobs. Energy accounts for more than 10 percent of total costs for big manufacturing plants like Anchor Glass -- now known as Ardagh Group in Elmira Heights. This state progam -- called "ReCharge New York" -- gives those companies a big discount on their power. In return, the businesses have to use their savings to create or retain jobs and reinvest.

"This has given us the ability now to compete in the market, but then by the savings, we've more than reinvested the savings back into the facility," said Mike Sopp, general manager of Ardagh Group.

Anchor Glass makes the bottles for companies like Sam Adams and Mike's Hard Lemonade -- turning out almost three million bottles a day, using a lot of electricity. The Elmira Heights plant started this ReCharge program in July and expects to save $680,000 a year.

"With this new program, we're looking at seven years out, so by being focused and stable for seven years, where do you think we're going to reinvest because we know what our costs are going to be," said Sopp.

Anchor Glass managers say the savings will allow them to retain a 340 person staff and invest in new technologies, keeping up with the competition in other states.

"A variety of economic development power programs conformed into one ReCharge New York program will allow for lower-cost electricity to help make our manufacturing plants more competitive and to be more cost-effective and competitive with surrounding states and our global competitors," said Senator Thomas O'Mara.

Power Authority leaders say about 40 Southern Tier businesses are a part of this ReCharge program right now, and they've committed to saving more than 30,000 jobs.