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Dangerous Road

Another pedestrian was hit near Clemens Center Parkway in Elmira, making it one of the most dangerous streets to cross.

Dangerous Road

September 20, 2012

Elmira (WENY) - Another pedestrian was hit near Clemens Center Parkway in Elmira, making it one of the most dangerous streets to cross. Police are continuing to investigate an accident that seriously injured a pedestrian yesterday evening on Pennsylvania Avenue near the Clemens Center parkway. This is not the first time a pedestrian has been hit near that road, and it seems to be dangerous area for people to walk across, and Jerrad Cicci from Elmira agrees.

      “I mean its pretty dangerous especially when there’s no crossing guard over here. I mean during the daytime its really not to bad because everyone’s at work but at nighttime we're waiting here like ten minutes just to cross.”

      On Clemens Center parkway, there's one intersection that pedestrians say is most treacherous. The intersection of Pennsylvania avenue on the Southside of Elmira. One person was sent to Arnot Medical Center earlier this week, and it's not the first time the intersection has been the scene of a serious injury. It's a very busy road and that means drivers have to be extra careful but it also means pedestrians have to follow the rules. Phillip Jones lives across the street from the parkway and he says paying attention is very important.

     “Its obviously very important considering people get hit here quite often like a young boy died and he was very young so people should pay attention,” says Jones.

      Captain Matt Sweet From Elmira City Police Department agrees.

     “It's no more dangerous than any other street people just have to use common sense and follow the rules of the road even pedestrians.”

     There is a right way to cross and a wrong way.

     “There's a button on the crosswalk their not using that. And what that button does is gives them more time to cross the roadway and tells them how much time they have left to cross the road way,” says Captain Sweet.

     Some pedestrians say that doesn't work.

     “To be honest I don't even use the button. Honestly it doesn’t even work most of the time, like you push it and it's like 10 minutes until it changes,” says Cicci

     Sometimes it's better to wait because there are consequences if you don't.

      “You can ticket a pedestrian for not using a cross work, but its more of a common sense issue with the pedestrians a lot of them are just not paying attention,” says Captain Sweet.

     Police are urging anyone that witnessed the accident last night to call 271- HALT or 271-4258.