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David Perry Charged with Assault After Jail Fight

Written By: Renata Stiehl
BATH (WENY) -- David Perry is in more trouble after a fight in the Steuben County Jail.

     According to the Steuben County Sheriff's Office, Perry got in a fight with another inmate over the weekend. Both men ended up in the hospital, and Perry is charged with second degree assault for allegedly injuring the other inmate's head.

     Perry is currently in jail on Grand Larceny charges, accused of collecting bogus disability benefits from the state.

     As we've been reporting, detectives in Florida say Perry is the only suspect in the disappearance of his former girlfriend, Kelly Rothwell, more than a year ago. Rothwell was last seen the night she told her friend she was going to break up with Perry. He returned to the Elmira area the next day.