One Man Shot Dead in Dix

Murder in Schuyler County Town of Dix

DIX (WENY)--- Neighbors in the town of Dix are shocked today after a deadly shooting in their small community.

Police say 31 year old, Daniel Bennett, of Pearl Street was shot Thursday night in his home.

Daniel lived with his father Frank: one of three people who heard the gun-shot and called police around 11 last night. Police say they don't have any suspects and they're asking for information.

Schuyler County Sheriff, Bill Yessman says, "If anyone saw a loud vehicle in the area in the area between 10:30 and 11 last night we aren't sure if it's connected but if anyone has any information then please call in."

Neighbors say they've never seen a crime like this in the area.

Neighbor, Michelle Craven, has lived in Dix since 1997 and she says, "It's terrifying to think that people resolve their issues in such an extreme way, its un-human, its unnecessary, we're supposed to be living in a civilized world."

Sherriff Yessman wouldn't clarify if it's an isolated incident.

He says,"It's not something that people have to be in fear or worried about at this time."

So who is Daniel Bennet? Well, it depends who you talk to.

Craven lives on Pearl street and she says Danny is a kind soul, who helped her with her business.

She says, "He's always been courteous and nice and smiling to me he's been nothing but a good friend."

Another neighbor who didn't want to appear on camera says Danny was a hard working self-employed logger but he did have, "enemies in the community."