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DNC Delegates Excited for Obama's Prime Time Speech

DNC Obama Speech Preview

      CHARLOTTE, NC (WENY) -- It may not be in the location they were hoping for, but our Twin Tiers delegates at the Democratic National Convention are still looking forward to tonight's acceptance speeches by President Obama and Vice-President Biden.
      The crowd went wild Wednesday night when President Obama took the stage at the DNC, and he didn't even speak! The president made a surprise appearance after former President Bill Clinton wrapped up the nominating address. Tonight, all eyes will be on the vice-president and then the president as they accept the Democratic party's nomination for a second term.
     "He'll unite us with his speech. Because we all have different points of view. And just get us all together," said first-time delegate Alicia Hare of Elmira.
She says that will help motivate the delegates to gear up for the next two months before Election Day. "What's done is done, and we have the future ahead of us. So looking forward is a very good thing to do," said Hare.
Democratic delegate Irene Stein of Ithaca was there for the big speech in 2008. Because of the threat of bad weather, tonight's speech won't take place in a big stadium like last time, but she says it'll be just as powerful.
     "It is going to be a wonderful experience for everyone in the hall, and I hope for everyone watching on television, and I hope we're all going to leave doing what we have to do - get out the vote for President Obama," said Stein.
    Sixty-five thousand people will miss out on tonight's speeches as a result of the move back inside the Time Warner Cable Arena. This afternoon, President Obama thanked them on a conference call.