Elmira Drug Bust: 6 Arrested

Elmira drug bust brings in "key players" in area drug trafficking.

Drug Bust in Elmira

May 31, 2012

Elmira (WENY) - A year long investigation leads to multiple arrests in the City of Elmira and in Village of Horseheads. Local Police worked with state and federal agencies to search three different houses in the area. Elmira police chief Mike Robertson says the bust brought down some key drug traffickers in the area. Six people were arrested at three different locations early this morning. The investigation nicknamed operation "ReRock" has so far put six people in the Chemung County jail. Three houses were targeted: 207 Spaulding street and 609 West Church street in Elmira; and 418 Camden Avenue in Horseheads.

Investigators found an assortment of drugs and weapons. Heroin, Cocaine, Guns, ammunition and more than $3,000. Lenny Sutton, Justen Maxwell, Anthony Perry, Kayla Owens, and Tasharie Jones; all from elmira; are now charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance. Alonzo Powell from Horseheads is also charged with criminal sale. If convicted, all face up to 9 years in prison. Elmira City Police Chief Mike Robertson says this bust is huge in the fight against drugs because it takes down people deeply involved in drug trafficking around the area.

“It's taken down big players, I'm not naive enough to sit here and say it's the end all cure all because its not, says Robertson. “There's more and this is evidence of what they are going to have to face, because we're not going to back down.”

More charges and arrests are expected over the next few weeks.