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Elmira Parking Issues Continue

Elmira Parking Issues Continue

Elmira (WENY) -- Some Elmira business owners on Main Street are furious, saying the parking situation is getting worse -- literally by the day. Just yesterday we reported about complaints pouring into City Hall from people aggravated by one hour meters limiting their time to eat, shop and work.

Today, we got a call from an employee at Main Street Café who says late yesterday, the price jumped on the meters on the cafe's side of the street. It now costs 75 cents for an hour on those meters, while across the street, a quarter gets you an hour.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's an atrocity because when we have customers dining here, they need more than the hour, let alone now it's down to 30 minutes with the additional 15 minutes," said Susan Barbosa, owner of Main Street Café. "We're constantly running back and forth for the customers to make sure that there's money in their meter so they don't get ticketed."

We reached out to Mayor Sue Skidmore and the Public Works Department for comment about the meter change, but nobody returned our calls.