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Elmira Traffic Signals Project

Traffic Light Upgrades

Elmira (WENY) -- A public information meeting was held today in Elmira to go over the Traffic Signal System Upgrade Project.

The project's main objective is to replace old traffic signal equipment like lights and signs with newer equipment throughout the city.

New poles, signal heads, pedestrian signals and vehicle detection are among the proposed improvements.

Some residents voiced their concerns with traffic congestion at busy intersections, and project leaders have agreed to take people's suggestions into consideration.

"I will send in some comments in terms of some of the traffic lights don't seem to operate to their best efficiency," says Elmira resident George Defalussy. "I just want to help and give my suggestion."

"I don't know that I agree with what they were looking at and I dont think its just a matter of accident count and how many cars actually go through the intersection," says Mayor Susan Skidmore. "I think we need to look a little further at what those intersections actually mean for the community and that will be up to city council then, so we'll have this discussion then."

The traffic project is still in the designing stages, but construction is set to start anywhere from this fall to spring 2013.