Explosion Cleanup Underway

Explosion Cleanup Underway
Corning (WENY) -- Cleanup is underway at the scene of the home explosion on Wilson Street in Corning. Crews were there today securing the streets and sidewalks so people can get by more easily.

Paul Young  was there -- the father and son of the two victims. He said his son Paul is getting skin grafts on his hands, but his arms and face are healing up well.  His father Robert, however, isn't doing as well and is expected to be in the hospital for three to four more months. Young was there looking through the debris for family items.

Other neighbors are happy with the cleanup process.

"I think the city did a really great job cleaning up the street by the time we got home, but like from pictures that I saw the street was really bad when it happened -- the whole street was covered," said Karlyn Mizzoni, who lives across the street.

She was with her family in South Carolina when the neighboring house exploded on Friday. The impact shattered their bay window, but it's now boarded up, and cleanup has commenced in the neighborhood.

The street and sidewalks are pretty clear now, and even the caution tape has been taken down, but clean up crews say the work has really just begun.

"We're going to get rid of all the structures once the permits are in place," said Thomas Clayton, owner of Paul Davis Emergency Services. "The houses are going to be demoed, back filled, and there's going to be pretty much vacant lots. The homeowners are going to decide if they want to rebuild or not."

Corning Code Enforcement has been there since Friday assessing the damage. They're dealing with contractors and making sure homeowners know whether it's safe or not to go inside their house.  Five houses are still posted as either unsafe to enter or to enter at your own risk, but neighbors are happy with the progress.

"It looks really good," said Mizzoni. "From what we saw when we got back until now it's a lot different."

"Life will be back to normal here soon," said Corning resident Steve Cuda. "I see a lot of contractors around, everybody is cleaning up. It's a beautiful thing. It's nice. It's the way it should be."

Cleanup crews expect to be working on scene for a few more days. According to City Code Enforcement, if you ever believe your water heater is broken or needs repair, please call a professional.