Fall Folliage Could Come Early

Fall Foliage

Upstate New York is known for its beautiful colors in the fall, attracting tourists from across the state and the country but some are concerned the fall foliage could come early.

"My husband brought in our first crop of tomatoes, our first harvest, and I kissed our first tomato because it was truly a gift," says Deb Liberatore.

Liberatore with Pine Valley Farms loves her crops. But she's especially thankful this year after such dry summer weather.

"I certainly don't know why we had the abundance of crops this year because it certainly wasn't the rain but we got enough apparently," says Liberatore.

Her outdoor market depends heavily on the weather since it's open 365 days a year. Fall is usually a big season, bringing in customers from across the state to see the leaves change. But some are worried the leaves won't be as vibrant or last as long because of this year's dry summer.

"I think if the weather is clear, you'll see bright colors," says Don Davis.

Davis of Davis Garden Center has a different opinion. The tree enthusiast doesn't believe summer's little rainfall will severely impact the foliage. He says conditions over the next few weeks will determine the colors. So clear weather could mean bright trees.

"I think it's more a conditional of the fall, the rain, the sun in the fall, particularly the sun how colorful the trees are in the fall," says Davis.

Deb says whether the colors come early or late, she's not worried about fewer tourists this season. Fall in the Fingerlakes is one of her favorite times, and she knows others will have that same appreciation.

"I think the folks that are interested in that are going to come no matter when it is," says Liberatore.

The fall foliage season in southeastern New York usually runs between late October and early November. The brightest colors usually between four days and two weeks.