Fighting PTSD Together

Friends Fight a Common Enemy off the Battlefield

Fighting PTSD Together

May 28, 2012

Bath (WENY) - The VA Medical center in Bath is place where vets can get help for Post traumatic stress syndrome. Years after they finished their tours of duty, these friends met up again by chance; this time to battle a different kind of enemy. Ed Seislove, Mike Holtzman and Jeff Trevean are celebrating memorial day together. Ed and Jeff served together on the USS Independence, and now all three need each other more than ever. Michael Holtzman is originally from Tampa. Like other veterans, Mike suffers from Post traumatic Stress syndrome, which led to an alcohol addiction.

“A lot of jobs a lot of relationships a lot of uncomfortableness its changed my life a lot the VA has helped out a whole lot.”

His treatment ends in 5 weeks, but says he couldn't have done it without support.

“It's good to have buddies in here it helps you get through it every vet in here is leanable we all have something in common it helps you work through the problems.”

The VA Medical center in Bath helps veterans from around the country and they all help each other.

“I believe that ever veteran who has fought for his country should be honored we're free right now because people died for this and fought for our country,” says Trevean.

“Actually it feels good to be sober number one, not having the nightmares anymore with the medication the help I've had i'm looking forward to getting my life back together and getting out there,” says Holtzman.

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