Are Fracking Benefits Overrated?

Taking a Look at the Real Economic Boost of Hydraulic Fracturing

Economic Benefits of Fracking
Deborah Rogers, founder of the Energy Policy Forum, spoke with about 40 people at the Bath Fire Hall Thursday night about shale gas economics.
       There's been major sales tax growth in the Southern Tier over the past two years, and many leaders attribute the increase to the natural gas industry.  Rogers says the gas industry does produce an initial boost, but warns the number of jobs, and the economic development and stability that drilling creates and sustains is often overestimated.
      "Since gas is trading at such low prices right now roughly $1.86, so there's no rush," says Rogers.  "You've got the time, your leadership has the time to look at it properly. Look at the economics of it, the environmental aspects of it and just do it sensibly."
      'People for a Healthy Environment Inc.' sponsored Thursday's forum, and members will participate in an anti-fracking rally on Friday during Governor Cuomo's visit to Corning.