Fraternity Suspended for Racist Remarks

Sigma Pi Is Under Investigation for a Sunday Incident

Fraternity Under Investigation

May 10, 2012

          ITHACA (WENY) --  A Cornell university fraternity is under investigation for racist remarks at least one member made last weekend.

         Last Sunday around 2:30 am, a small group of black students was walking in front of the house, when at least one person allegedly yelled racial slurs at them and threw a bottle.

        The frat has been suspended, and members say they're cooperating with the investigation.  Students on campus say they were shocked to hear about the news.

        "I got the e-mail and I just remember reading it and being shocked that something like this would happen on our campus," says junior Katerina Jeng.

        Chavez Carter is the president of the Black Graduates Professional Students Association.  He says he used the incident to unite student organizations to take a stand against that kind of behavior and rally the university to take more action.  The school organized a student forum on Wednesday to discuss the incident, but Carter says he wants to see more.

        "It's progress that they're reaching out for dialouge because in the past, that's not always been the case," says Carter.