Fresh Air Fund

Fresh Air Fund
Big Flats (WENY) -- A bus carrying 17 children from New York City arrived in Big Flats this afternoon. They'll spend two weeks with local families from across the region.

The Fresh Air Fund brings low-income inner city kids here every summer. It's their chance to escape crowded streets and enjoy the grassy lands and lakes of upstate.

"We wanted city kids to come out and experience country living," said volunteer host Sharon Passaretti. "My husband was a Fresh Air child himself, and he wanted other New York City kids to experience country living and life out here in the country."

"It's way different," said participant Lyric Perkins. "It's not crowded, it's like spacey. You can do a lot of activities like sports."

"I decided to join because my mom told me that it would be fun because you go different places with different families like to the lake," added 8-year-old Aaliyah Cabrera.

The Fresh Air Fund gives over 4,000 children a chance to experience life in rural, suburban and small town communities across 13 states from Virginia to Maine and even Canada.