Getting State Money to the Southern Tier

Statewide Funding Competition

June 12, 2012

            ITHACA (WENY) --  $750 million is up for grabs to finance economic development projects across the state.  The Empire State Development Grant funds can be used for a variety of projects including workforce and community development, energy improvements and historic preservation.

            Last year, $50 million was distributed throughout the Southern Tier to support 50 different projects.  At Monday's workshop, interested applicants learned about the different categories and what kind of investments will make the biggest impact, such as investing in the state's canal system.

            Regional economic leaders say the goal is to get the money to projects that will benefit the community as soon as possible.   "We're hopeful that this is an ongoing and annual process," says Brian Stratton, director of the New York State Canal Corporation.  "It's important to the governor to empower each region to develop their own regional economic development plan."

            The deadline to apply for the 2012 round of funding is July 16th.  The grant money will be rewarded this fall.  To get more information, visit .