2012 GlassFest Kick Off

GlassFest takes over Corning.

GlassFest 2012 Starts

May 25, 2012

Corning (WENY) - The third annual GlassFest is underway, and downtown Corning is filled with visitors. people from across the state and the country came to experience this one-of-a-kind festival. For the third year market street in Corning will play host to one of the more unique festivals in the area. This afternoon, people gathered to watch hot glass shows, which were going on all day in Centerway square. Tonight features beer and wine tasting, live music and a light show in Riverfront Park. Gaffer district executive director Coleen Fabrizi says this weekend-long festival is about showing what corning and the southern tier has to offer.

“It's just awsome to see people having a wonderful time and not having to spend money in an economy like this other than their shopping and dining expenses its pretty awsome.”

Most events at GlassFest are free - here is a link to a full schedule of events. http://www.glassfest.org/