Elmira Double Shooting at Hathorn Court

Hathorn Court Shooting

ELMIRA (WENY)---An early morning shooting in Elmira has neighbors hoping Police will "beef up" the security at Hathorn Court.

Investigators say the shooting happened just after 2 this morning at apartment 447.

According to witnesses, the victims are 22-year-old Dionna Wilder and 26-year-old Willie Mack.

Police won't confirm, but we called Arnot Ogden Medical Center, and confirmed both Wilder and Mack are there, listed in stable condition.

According to our scanner, Police are looking for two male suspects who broke into the apartment and ran from the scene in a Cadillac with chrome rims.

The neighbor we talked to says she's scared because the suspects knocked on her door first.

She says, "I got woke up by banging on my front door, I didn't answer it, so just sat there and I couldn't fall back to sleep and a couple minutes later I heard a gun shot. It was two bangs, loud enough to wake me up."

Another neighbor, John Kachuroic Senior says, "I seen people knocking on their doors and I got kind of scared and I'm like what's going on and then I seen all the cops in the parking lot in and out and I say whoa what's going on."

A third resident at Hathorn Court, Nakita Kachuroi says, "I'm, scared to go to sleep...it's a scary situation, am I going to wake up the next morning, do I to have worry about people banging on my door or robbing my house or my kid being in danger?"

In December of 2010, Dionna Wilder's sister, Erin Jade Smith was stabbed to death at apartment 430 in Hathorn Court.

Smith's ex boyfriend, Artmeus Wells, was later convicted for killing Smith, who was pregnant.