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Health Care Reform Small Business Impact

Congressman Tom reed speaks out against the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable health care act, and its impact on small businesses.

Health Care Reform Small Business Impact

July 2, 2012

Elmira (WENY) - Congressman Tom Reed speaks out against the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Health Care Act, and it's impact on small businesses. He claims small business owners wont be able to handle the tax increase. Reed was in Elmira today to air his opinion that ObamaCare will hurt small business growth in America. Two local business owners joined him at a press conference to say they agree with the Congressman. The owner of Katie's cafe in Elmira says her restaurant is her passion and dream, but she worries that dream could soon be over. Katie has fewer than 50 employees so she will not have to provide health insurance.

She fears some of the provisions of the Affordable Care Law, like covering people with pre-existing conditions, will drive up the cost, pricing her workers out of paying for their own health care, forcing her to pay for it, and ultimately raising the prices on her menu. Katie says her biggest fear is losing workers, because she can't pay them enough.

“I have some employees that are heads of households and trying to take care of their families, they don't have health insurance. Now I don't look as nice to work for because I am not going to provide them with health care they are going to look somewhere else that will give them health care,” Says Clark.

“We can do better we have to do better we have to get to the root cause of the problem when it comes to health care and that’s the ever increasing health care costs,” Says Reed.

Under the new plan, a small business that buys health insurance for its employees, can apply for tax credits to help offset some of the costs. Katie says that wont help her if she has to front the money first. She wants to bring small businesses together to bring the cost down.

Clark says, “If I have 20 employees and another restaurant in town has 20 and another 10 or 15 and we all pool that and hopefully go to the insurance company as a greater number of clients to give to them, then maybe the price would be reduced a little bit there.”

Reed says the affordable health care law will be a major issue in the upcoming elections.