High Gas Prices Impact Holiday Drivers

High Gas Prices Impacting Holiday Travel

SOUTHERN TIER (WENY) --  According to AAA, 33 million drivers will travel 50 miles or more over the weekend.  That's up a little under three percent from last year.  Most will drive, but more than two million will travel by air.

One factor impacting many drivers is high gas prices, with some New York gas stations coming in a little under $4 a gallon.  Local AAA officials say most people who made advanced travel plans will follow through despite high pump prices.  But some local drivers say they've changed travel plans because of increasing fuel prices.

"If they've got this trip planned, they planned it before the gas prices started going up again, they're going to go," says Pam Patterson with the Elmira AAA office.

"I think it's outta control," says Chris Callas, who has plans to travel to Syracuse during the holiday weekend. "I think they ought to lower the gas prices but it does impact me because it cuts down on where I'd really like to go...which is the shore."

"Gas prices are really high and I just can't afford another vacation," says Deb Knickerbocker, who plans to stay home.

To find out how you can save money on traveling, go to: http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/drive.shtml