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Holy Family Last Day

Holy Family Middle School Closing
Elmira (WENY) -- Elmira's Holy Family Middle School is celebrating graduation Wednesday, but Principal Frank Devine says it's bittersweet because the school is officially closing it's doors for good.

In November, Diocesan officials announced the school's closing due to low enrollment issues. In the fall, sixth graders will join Holy Family Elementary. Seventh and eighth graders will have the option to attend the new junior-high program at Notre Dame high school.

Devine said teachers and other staff are splitting up to take opportunities at different schools. He said students have had time to adjust to the proposed changes and are focused on graduation tonight.

"For them [the students], it may have been a shock them," said Principal Frank Devine. "It's not news anymore, and so they're looking forward as we want them to do at this time, and we want to celebrate with them as they look forward."

The school building is going to transform into a regional youth ministry center and Catholic community service center beginning July 1st.