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Horseheads Hair Stand-Off

Horseheads Hair Stand-Off

HORSEHEADS, NY (WENY)---Crystal Adkison was outraged when her five year old daughter,Violet, was sent home with a letter from Ridge Road Elementary school, demanding that Violet either cover up or get rid of the purple streak in her hair.

According to Violet's mom, the school decided to take matters into their own hands after she refused to do something about the streak of purple in her daughter's hair.

"They started out sending her to the nurses office every single day, putting her hair up. And, I didn't know about this because it was out by the time she came home. So, it was almost like they were doing it behind my back and didn't want me to know.", said Adkison.

The problem lies within the Horseheads school dress code which states:

"A student's dress, grooming , and appearance, including hair style and color.... Shall be safe, appropriate, and not disrupt or interfere with the educational process."

The District issued a statement saying the policy is especially important at the elementary level, and that both students and parents are made aware of the code of conduct on the first day of school.

Adkison started a petition online to challenge the policy and has more than 200 signatures and said, "I hope that it does something, but at least they're going to have to take notice now. They're going to have to re-evaluate it. I mean, they just have to. I'm going to the next board of education meeting. I will be there. This is something I believe in. I'm not going away. If it doesn't change, I'll be moving to a different district."

 Violet told us she felt the way she was being treated was "unfair" and it made her feel "uncomfortable".