Could Snow Hurt Local Farms and Crops?

Monday’s Snowfall Impacts Thousands Across the Area

  LOWMAN (WENY) --  Monday's snow did a lot of damage to branches and powerlines, knocking out electricity for thousands.
     We also looked into the impact the snowstorm could have on local farms and crops.
      Ashur Terwilliger with the Farmers Bureau says the cold weather is more dangerous to apples, cherries and other fruits than the actual snow.  Terwilliger is most worried about the cherries because many of those trees have started blooming, and the cold has already damaged a lot of buds.  He says the flakes we got overnight could actually be a good thing.

      "The snow that comes in the spring, usually March or in this case April has a lot of nitrogen in it," says Terwilliger.  "It's good for the ground, it makes things grow. So, you never curse the wet snow."
      Apple trees are not expected to see much snow damage, and peaches and pears should be okay, as long as there's no extended cold period.