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Insurance Claims Increase With Damage

Insurance Companies Handle Claims

Southern Tier (WENY) -- A lot of homes and cars were damaged from the tornado, and one Southern Tier insurance agent says his company has been busier than ever with claims.

According to Stephen Nagle from Allstate, the majority of the claims that have come in have been wind claims. The strong gusts blew dozens of trees down, which damaged cars, houses, sheds and pools. He says insurance agents unfortunately cannot help you if trees just landed on your lawn without actually damaging part of the property.

"The first thing is be safe," said Nagle. "Make sure if there's damage that you can control, control it. If you need to put a tarp on a roof, do that while you're waiting for a claims adjuster to get to you."

If you have damage to your property, you're urged to contact your insurance agent. Most companies have hotlines set up and are sending catastrophe teams to the area.